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New Books and Authors was created to celebrate the joy of reading and literature by featuring trending authors and hot new books. Unlike major publishing news sites, New Books and Authors primarily showcases indie & self-published authors.

How do you decide which new books and authors to feature?

The books featured on this site are either stories we have read, enjoyed, and wanted to pass on for other readers to enjoy, or indie books that we notice are trending and are in our collective pile of books we are excited to read.

The common denominator with all of the books featured on New Books and Authors is that they are all quality books that should be celebrated and shared.

Will you feature my book on your site?

If you are an author want your book featured on New Books and Authors, use the Submit a Book to submit all of the information related to your book and we will look at it when we’re able. Please keep in mind that we receive many submissions and we’re not able to post every book we receive to our site.

Will you review my book?

Yes, we occasionally review books and post our editorial book reviews to the site, however, our pile of books to read is pretty big so if you want an editorial review you’ll need to convince us why we should take the time to read and review your book in the Submit a Book.

Do you do author interviews?

Yes, we also conduct interviews with authors who meet our criteria. If you would like to be interviewed or know an author who does, please indicate that when filling out the Submit a Book.

Where can I find free author tools and resources?

You can find a complete list of every known author tool and resource here.

Where can I find book marketing services?

Visit www.wordsareswordspublishing.com for book marketing and turnkey author services.

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