As We Enter a Post-Pandemic World, People Are Finding Solace in Poetry

paradise forest kinga hajba

A new poetry anthology, Paradise Forest by Kinga Hajba, is taking the world by storm.

many cities around the world are lifting COVID restrictions, recovery is a long way away. With the risk of disease still imminent, people around the world are searching for any type of escape that will give them a temporary reprieve – and they found it in books of poetry.

One such book is Paradise Forest, a poetry anthology that critics rave “feels like cozying up for an adventure full of warm and nostalgic memories.”

Paradise Forest is a book is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or sexuality. It follows the rollercoaster ride of becoming an adult, and what that comes with: the rocky roads of falling in love, friends and family, dreams and adventures, depression and self-love. It will be the escape you need, whether that may be to reminisce or to just find solace whilst going through something difficult.

What people are saying about Paradise Forest

” A beautifully presented book of poetry, these poems use clear, emotive language and evocative imagery, taking you on a journey through a young woman’s experience of the world as she grows. Simple, eye-catching illustrations compliment the poems, making the reading of this book a visual experience that sets it apart from other books of poetry. “-Tina (2021)

“I found Paradise forest emotionally moving, it made me feel like I can relate to it. I recommend this poetry book to anybody who feels a bit lost in life or love and is trying to find the right path for themselves.”- Noemi (2021)

Link to Paradise Forest by Kinga Hajba:

About the Author

Kinga Hajba is a writer, poet and author of Paradise Forest. She has spent the last few years writing, travelling, and completing her education in Communication and Fashion. Kinga has a diploma in Early educations and Teaching English as a foreign language abroad.

Inspired by her surroundings, Kinga writes about different experiences growing up and coming of age in addition to writing articles and poems for the women’s organization, Bamby Collective. She is currently based in Budapest and enjoys spending quality time with friends, cooking, designing and creating.

Her new book of poetry, Paradise Forest, is available now:

Tiktok: Kingazen123456

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